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4 Guiding Principles of Meetings

In any organization, meeting are the means of sharing meaningful information and taking a decision based on the discussion. All the attendees of the meetings participate in it means that there are a lot of person hours being involved, so it better be useful. Lets discuss four most important guiding principles of making your meeting a successful:

1) Purpose of the meeting
You need to set an agenda of the meeting, and what you want to accomplish in the meeting. Set clear expectations about what this meeting is suppose to be, and maintain the focus on the subject which is this meeting is about. Also, if required, set up and assign different roles other individual plays in the meeting

2) Role people will play in the meeting
People are the most valuable assets of the meetings. They are coming to this meeting room to work together. You need to make sure that they know their role and assist them in understanding about how they can best contribute to the Positive and Productive Meeting.

3) Meeting process
Processes are meant to make things easy for you and serve you. Make sure that everyone's view point is considered and taken into account while deciding a meeting process. Meeting time needs to be spend on involving your teammates and creativity and problem solving. During the process of meeting make sure that everyone understand on how to proceed and what is expected of them. Take feedback from them to understand how much they have grasped.

4) Progress made during meeting
You need to always revisit your meeting purpose, roles and process frequently. Whatever decisions are taken during the meeting needs to be addressed and debated. Once decisions are made, make sure that you decide on action items and allocate work to each and everyone of them.




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