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Positive vs. Negative organizational Cultures

Every organization needs some well-defined and carefully drafted norms for the organization to make the organization run smoothly and to make it grow. We can also call it an organizational culture.  To maintain a perfect organizational culture the head of the organization must be very competent.

He must also have a team of competent individuals to run the procedure smoothly. In any organization you would experience positive vs. Negative organizational cultures. The head of the organization and his management team must differentiate between positive vs. Negative organizational culture.  Following are some basic negative and positive organizational culture.

Fist we will discuss the negative culture. Following are some example of negative tendencies in organization.  Make yourself busy while doing nothing.  Do not take responsibility. Not available for any hard task or job. Not cooperative. Always, making effort to appease boss.Discriminate people on the basis of color, age, gender or religion.  Blame other for your own fault. Those were some examples of negative organizational culture. Such tendencies among workers or employers of the organization could drastically effect the working environment and growth of the organization. The management needed to discourage such negative tendencies in the organization.

On the other hand following is the positive culture of the organization. It includes, be gentle, helpful and supportive to everyone in the organization.  Give respect to everyone in the organization. Always ready to take responsibility. Appreciate other’s good work.  Keep his mind open all the time. Give respect to other.

All employs must understand what to do and what not to do. These were some positive vs. negative organizational cultures.  Unlike the negative culture the positive organizational culture bare very fruitful result for the organization and for those who are working in the organization.  The management has to play the key role weather to promote positive or negative organizational culture.  A management authority will always run the organization on some properly defined norms and standard to promote positive culture in the organization.