Bulls n' Bears

The Occupy Movement: Wall Street and Greece

What was once labeled a trivial upset is now a world wide movement that has no signs of diminishing.  The Occupiers of Wall Street are now the Occupiers of Greece and why the media has given much attention to filming when the protests lead to conflict there is much less attention given to the background, reasons and implications of the movement.

Why did this begin and what caused such global outrage?  In three words unemployment, inequality, and entitlement would best summarize the reasons behind the movement they are not at all conclusive to the feeling expressed by the occupiers. 

Each one of these problems can be contained by itself but when they all occur at once the situation becomes explosive as we see unfolding in Occupy Wall Street in Greece.  For years Greece unemployment was contained or non existent to massive social programs promised to them by Greece's government as far back as the 1980's.  As with all politicians they never explain the long term effects this will have on the economy or how it will be paid. 

Unemployment sky rocketed to over 16% and at the same time unemployment peaked the Banks who orchestrated mass financial chaos were bailed out.  In addition deep cuts in social programs were slashed at the time when they were needed most.  The cuts have not stopped yet as Greece's government is positioned to cut an additional 5.5% to stay solvent.

When the damn breaks it floods and the inequalities between the have and everyone else is out for the world to see.  Greece's austerity measures are met with disgust because the underlining message that is felt by the occupiers is you bailed out the rich why the poor and once middle class share the same fate of destitution.

The aim of the Wall Street Occupy Greece movement is for their voice to be heard and for the government to return the social safety net that was in place before.  The verdict is still out how the Occupiers demands will be solved and at what cost but one thing is for certain the Occupy movement is alive and growing.