Bulls n' Bears

Occupy Wall Street Frankfurt

There has been rising inequality among people in America for last couple of years. The major financial crisis has only increased the distance between rich and poor. Big Multi National Coroporations are gaining their superior power over politicians to get the maximum benefit from Public policies. A mass protest against such indiscriminative governance has been initiated by Canadian activists group 'Adbusters'.

The protest of 'Occupy wall street in Frankfurt' also attracted many new people against the economic scenario of the country.

There are many reasons for the protest and this movement is named as 'Occupy Wall Street'. The unemployment rate is all time higher and People living Below Poverty Line tend to increase drastically. More than everything widespread corruption makes the result of welfare programmes negligible. The Government policies have failed to produce a favourable result albeit many projects are being announced in the backdrop of economic depression. All these factors have thrown light into the minds of people and started mass protest across streets with the slogan saying' We are 99%'.

The aim of the protesters was nothing but good standard of living by reducing corruption in public service and Corporate's influence in the national administration and get more employment opportunities made available to the public.

The widespread protest brings many future implications in the political arena of the country. The Presidential election,2012 is underway and the current non-ruling parties are supporting the mass movement and trying to gain popularity with the mindset that they stand along with the people who need better future. The General Assembly as a counter measure has initiated several grievances against Corporations and a good portion of protesters tend to be satient with the general statement of the Assembly. It is interesting to see that even the rich people walk along with the protesters across streets with the banner indicating 'I am rich and can be taxed'.