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Occupy Wall Street in England II

In this capitalist economy, no one can deny the fact that investment bankers on Wall Street are the reason for social and economic injustices. Originally staged in New York City of the United States of America, the Occupy Wall Street in England commonly known as occupy London Stock Exchange, has garnered sympathy and support from millions of the unemployed and marginalized sections of the British population.

Unlike New York where the protest movement chose Zuccotti Park as a venue for the protests, Occupy Wall Street in England protesters have picked on St. Paul's Cathedral as their venue. Well, the choice of the venue is a symbolic gesture connecting St. Paul's Cathedral to the City of London Corporation, an organization considerably owned and run by the wealthiest 1% of the population.

Occupy Wall Street protest movements are aimed at detaching the governments from the undue influence of financial corporations, accused of corruption and greed. The protesters believe that the wealthiest 1% of the population is the reason for high levels of unemployment and economic down turns.

As corporations and individuals working on wall street get wealthier, the rest of the population finds its self in economic hardships, hardly enough to make end meet."We are the 99%", goes the slogan for the protester.

But the protesters are not remotely concerned about the legal actions. The fact that some of the clergy of St. Paul's cathedral tendered in their resignation is a manifestation of the Church's concern about long term relationship with the City of London Corporation, an organization accused as being part of the economic woes of the British corporation.

The Authority is more likely to prevent the masses from holding the protest movements, but the organizers have created impact and shaped the decisions of the voters. Should we wealthiest1% continue to grow richer at the expense of the 99%?