Bulls n' Bears


Fights, Catch Me if You Can II

A childhood game which forms the basis of this adult behavior is the game of Hide and Seek, where the thrill lies in getting caught. In fact a child who cannot be found is held to have spoiled the game. As many parents know, the child should not be found too quickly.

The longer you hold off on finding a child, the more clues will be given as to his whereabouts, until the final pleasurable discovery and capture.

In this game, the Robber plays the Child role and the Cop the Parent role. Many people can switch between the Cop and Robber roles, which indicates that many Cops are playing the game as well. In South Africa there is a well known case of a policeman, Captain Stander, who was the leader of a group of bank robbers (afterwards known as the “Stander Gang”) who was caught due his excessive lifestyle. This is a classic case of a Cop switching roles back and forth.

This game is a fight between the two protagonists, a battle of wits, with the switch that the Child derives most pleasure from losing.

There are other psychological disorders which share these characteristics, such as the “sandcastle syndrome” where a business empire is built up for the pleasure of driving it into bankruptcy, just as a child builds a sandcastle for the pleasure of seeing it destroyed. Many of us may have behaviors which are less obvious variants of these games,  where there is a subconscious desire to lose. A clue is if you continuously cause something to fail, no matter how hard you try to succeed.

You are left with the feeling of having made a really bonehead move and are baffled as to why you did it. All these Games are habitual forms of ritualized behavior, and in common with all habits form blockages in the energy meridians of the body. They can be treated using one of the energy therapies such as EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) or BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), but only if the person wishes to be cured, Such habits are notoriously unresponsive to normal therapy. Even alcoholics are only free for a day at a time and can revert at any time.