Bulls n' Bears


Game Analysis, Rescuer II

•    Moves or transactions – like the strokes in a ritual. A game is also a ritualized behavior, in that it is repeated often between the same role players in almost identical words, but it differs from a ritual in the payoff.

•    Advantages. A game has a stabilizing effect on participants and both Victim and Persecutor may derive benefit from the same payoff. In Cops and Robbers the payoff of the Robber getting caught benefits both.

The Rescuer can play an ambiguous part. It might be someone genuinely trying to assist, therefore operating from the Adult state, or the Rescuer may be a necessary participant in the whole psycho-drama and play into the pathology. It is easy for a psychotherapist to fall into this trap, and the model where the psychotherapist never makes suggestions but always asks questions, although it can be frustrating to someone seeking advice, does help avoid this. From a rescuer point of view it should be remembered you are often getting a very slanted version of events, in an effort to draw you into the game.

This various factors, especially the payoff, can be difficult to identify and require a shrewd investigator. From the point of view of someone not a trained psychotherapist, it is better to read a good book on the subject. The different moves are then soon apparent, although there may be overlap between different games and the actual aims may be obscure. But usually it all falls into place when you see the situation outlined.



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