Bulls n' Bears


Life Script Endings II

It is interesting to note that many financial Winners have been at best Banal at relationships and yet not been destroyed by this. Donald Trump came close but bounced back to new heights after his divorce from Ivana. Having a poor health life script may result in early death or severe illness.

It is though that we base our scripts on models such as fairy tales or heroes or something similar which seizes our imaginations.  In this case the story of Tantalus would perhaps inspire a Banal-to-Loser script, with very little being accomplished in life despite every effort which may be made. I think many of us have met some people like this. Sadly and surprisingly it is a fairly common script topic. But then Loser endings of varying severity are also quite common due to the bias towards not OK in early childhood.

On the other hand Jason is a true hero and would inspire a winner ending, perhaps with many vicissitudes but ending with the Golden Fleece. A good model to follow for ultimate financial success. But perhaps not such a good model from the point of view of other aspects to life?

The story of Damocles might inspire an interesting life script, with impending disaster constantly waiting. It may be temping to finally succumb to disaster. So Loser is a probable outcome here. Some successful people do seem to walk a tightrope where a misstep could be disastrous. Perhaps it depends on other aspects of the life script.

What you can get from this is that you should be very careful as a parent as to the fairy stories and heroes your children are exposed to at an early age. You never know which one will capture their imaginations and inspire a life script. A character like Horatio Alger would seem suitable, but he is really just too boring. Somebody interesting yet successful. Perhaps Bill Gates or Grace Kelly or somebody similar would do.

(continued from part I)