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The Economic Standing of France

French market has numerous opportunities to the US exporters since the dollar weakens against the euro. In order to support international trade of products and goods, the economy of France was carefully planned and became one of the world’s most popular countries regarding international business.

France primary imports cars and vehicles, chemicals, machinery and equipment, plastics, crude oil and aircraft. This makes it have an important position in the global market, being the 3rd largest trader in the EU after UK and Germany.

Also, the tariffs levied on import from the non-European countries (such as US) are moderate. Unlike the manufactured products which face tariff rates between 5-17%, the raw materials enter the country at extremely low rates or even duty-free. It would be a good option for the US exporters to consider the food laws and the restrictions, mainly due to the fact that the processed goods that enter France are charged at a increased rate according to the main ingredients such as sugar, starch or milk fat.

The number of people using the internet in France is constantly rising, this results in a increased online marketing opportunity. A study show that around 58% of the French respondents buy services and goods from the internet. Therefore, the French market is definitely a good choice for any business that seeks to expand globally. Since the predominant language used is French, it is well advised that any online business is optimized and translated in order to attract French customers. There are some other regional dialects like Catalan and Alsatian, but are rarely used, so basically French is used 100% in all over the country.

France also has a dominating position in the online market share of Google, with 89.57%, while the second most popular search engine holds only 2.84% of the online market share. There are also some other search engines used in France such as: AOL (1.76%), Orange(1.58%) and the well known Yahoo (with only 2.51%).
So basically the French economy is highly diversified, offering many opportunities through its abundance of international trading. The French online market also offers great opportunities for any business that wishes to expand globally through the highly increased level of internet users.