Bulls n' Bears



The present day world is posed with a serious challenge of energy crisis. Global resources: energy and its various forms are essential for the development of any economy. A country cannot produce any industrial output without using energy in the form of electricity as input. It has been estimated by United Nations Organisation that the Global energy demand will be more than doubled by 2050.

This has confirmed one thing that we should be very judicious in the consumption of electricity and need to strengthen a new base by exploiting the renewable sources of energy like solar power, Tidel power, Geo thermal. Solar power is gaining popularity as a renewable form of energy across the world.

This has created a lot of opportunities for investors to invest in Silver and the solar cell related activities. Solar cells are made using the alloy of silver and it can increase demand for the alloy of silver. There can be hardly any reason to loose the invested money in the energy sector as the profit is certain. There will not arise the problem of shortage of demand and will definitely boost the profit margin of the investors in the sector.

World is moving towards a plan with 'Green energy' with the aim of economic developement that do not degrade the environment with Green House Gases(GHG) emmision. Hence the application of renewable souces which are less GHG emiter tend to be widely encouraged across the globe. It necessitates a lot of investment in the energy platform by both the public and private entities as early as possible. Government is providing subsidized materials and inputs to attract new investors in the renewable energy sector as we are commited to save the ecosystem from the adverse impact of Global warming. Hence it is no doubt that energy sector will create ample of opportunities to the investors in the coming years.