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Commodities Market: Silver the best investment for the next 10 years

Investing begins with an understanding of market cycles and depending on the cycle a good investment can turn bad quickly.  Recently we have watched the come and fall of the real estate market and even though in recent weeks the stock market has had its rally it is not the most ideal market to be in.

For now we live in the commodities market and its rally is just beginning.  You have probably heard of all the talk on gold an its great gains but their is one commodity more rarer than gold for the first time in human history. That commodity is none other than silver.

While gold has more than doubled in the last 3 years silver has quadrupled.  In fact silver has out paced gold for the last 5 years.  Out of all the commodities today silver remains as one of the rarest.  Silvers use in modern life is without equal.  Everything from medicine to light switches has some trace of silver in it.

But this is understating its applications to give the commodity justice here is a few things that silver is utilized in.  Silver is the most electrically conductive element even more so than copper, heat-resitant and acts as the most reflective of light.  This does not mention its uses in batteries,cell phones,computers, water purification, and its service as a antibacterial agent.

Even with all the above mentioned silver still has not passed its 1980 dollar high of $49.00.  Due to its superior industrial application many of the stock piles of above ground silver is being used up.  Not only is the above ground piles dwindling below ground there is less being found as well.  All of this comes at a time where silver is in demand globally.

Silver remains now and for the next decade one of the most under valued investments you could purchase by just visiting your local coin dealer.