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Italy joins Occupy Wall Street Campaign

The Occupy Wall Street movement that began in September has taken world in a storm. Tagging along with their Wall Street campaigners are protesters from Italy who are demonstrating throughout the country.  Violence erupted in Rome as the protesters angry with the social and economic inequality clashed with the police. Hundreds of people who identifies with the ‘99%’ that had been left behind in the decades of financial growth that the world had seen inundated Rome.

There were reports that the police were raiding and cracking down the anarchists throughout the country.

Italy, along with some other European countries is facing a financial default. Unemployment, salary cuts and the austerity measures introduced to tackle the situation has driven many people to the edge. The movement is fast gaining momentum in Europe with the number of supporters multi-folding rapidly.

The Occupy Wall Street movement began in September this year on the backdrop of the global financial turmoil that the world is trying to cope with for the past few years.  This on-going demonstration in Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district of New York  has found increasing number sympathisers in the last few weeks. Celebrities, workers and people from all sorts of profession join hands in one of the biggest movements in history against corporate greed and fraudulent corporate lobbyists.

So, who organises the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

The main decision making body of the OWS protests is the New York City General Assembly. The meetings are open to public in which the various OWS committees discuss their strategies and organise events.

OWS is still a very young movement with a huge potential and it is hard to foresee which turn it will take or what changes it will make to the corrupt and in sufficient financial system. With more countries joining the movement, it soon will become a global cry which hopefully will transform the financial world as we know.