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The Occupy Movement in Germany

We all know about the Occupy Wall Street Protests in the US. Now, let's take an in-depth look at the movement spreading in Europe particularly Germany. In fact, all the occupy protests began worldwide from momentum of Occupy Wall Street.

According to many news sources, Occupy Frankfurt is set up similar to the way the Occupy Wall Street protests were in the US. At Occupy Frankfurt, there are several tents camped out in front of the European Central Bank. There have been no reports of police brutality or threats of arrest to the camping protestors. These protests seem to be very peaceful.

Occupy Wall Street in Frankfurt officially began on October 15 in response to the economic inequality between banks and citizens. These protestors are very upset with their politicians for working in favor of the banks instead of with the 99%; the regular citizens.

The Occupy Wall Street in Frankfurt movement wants to protest the increasing economic disparity between the rich and poor. A lot of the Germans at Occupy Frankfurt have become dissatisfied with the economic system claiming it to be more of a financial dictatorship than a democracy.

Many of the regular protestors at the Occupy Wall Street in Frankfurt include senior citizens, parents, unemployed workers and even a few homeless people. The one thing all of these people have in common is the need for financial equality along with the banks to take responsibility for their own actions.

Studies have shown since Germany reunited in 1990, the wages of the average worker has decreased. In contrast, the wages of the upper class has grown significantly. Many protestors of the Occupy Wall Street in Frankfurt feel that the banking systems do not really have proper regulations. These protestors blame the banks for the economic collapse in Europe and the world.