Bulls n' Bears

Occupy Wall Street in France

The rising gap between rich and poor has recently provoked the common people in the developed countries. This was initiated in the name of ''occupy wallstreet'' by a Canadian activists group 'Adbusters'. The storm of protest has spread to many other nations in a shorter course of time.

Occupy wall street in France also highlighted the economic inequality persisting in the country for a long time. Moreover corruption in the public service is also on the rise resulting in increasing the economic inequality between rich and poor.

Protesters argue that big Multi National Corporations are able to influence the political leadership with their money power and the social welfare programmes are only helping them directly or indirectly. The global economic slowdown added fuel to the rising poverty and unemployment level in most of the developed nations. All these factors leaded to the mass movement of what has been termed 'occupy wallstreet'.

Some analysts argue that opposition parties in the country give more impetus to the growing people's movement to make a belief among people that they stand along with them. The implication is that they want to reap the success in the forthcoming elections.

Although the common unemployed people are the real protesters fighting for their right to live with a job and a common standard of living, politicial parties are also giving them a hand to get a place in their mind. Although the ruling government is taking all the possible steps to curb rising social and economic inequality, the corruption in the public service is also on the upward trend making the welfare activities negligible in effect.

All these factors have provoked the people to protest with the slogan of  ''We are 99%'' . This clearly indicates that the aims of protesters is nothing but a reduction of corporate influence in politics,reduce corruption in public service, and narrow down the gap between rich and poor.